Cat Tilted Bowl Stainless Steel Feeder

  • 【Detachable】 The base of the 15° Slanted Elevated tilted Cat feeding bowls and the small stainless steel bowl can be separated, after the separation, it can be turned into two bowls, one for water, one for food. It can be separated so that the weight can be reduced. It also facilitates the washing of food bowls.
  • 【Inclined Design】 Cat Tilted 15° feeding bowls Stainless Steel Feeder Angle of the food bowl is designed to concentrate the food at the bottom, enabling pets to eat better. The tilt Angle helps pets protect their cervical vertebrae, making it easy to eat, reducing the pressure of food on the stomach, relieving vomiting, and preventing pets from choking.
  • 【Safety Non-Slip】The slanted dog bowl is made of stainless steel and food-grade PC, non-toxic, tasteless, and allergy-proof. It’s very safe for pets, and the weight on the bottom makes the bowl more stable and less likely to slide.
  • 【Overflow Proof Food Bowl】Pets like to push food to the edge when eating, and the high curved edge design helps prevent food spills, making your pet more comfortable to eat.
  • 【Scope Of Application】The volume of tilted cat food bowls is about 200 milliliters. This product is suitable for many cats, dogs, and small animals. Like the French bulldog, the pug, Boston terrier, puppies, flat-nose dog, Garfield Cat, and so on.


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Large(800ml), Medium(400), Small(200ml)

Bowl Color

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White


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