Packing Tape Dispenser Gun Moving Carton box Sealer Smart and Time Saving product for Bulk Packing


  • EASY TO USE ADHESIVE TAPE GUN: This Packing Tape Dispenser Gun Moving Carton box Sealer provides an easy and economical way to dispense 2-inch wide carton sealing tape. It also has a sharp durable blade for effortless clean cutting, a pistol grip ergonomic handle for user’s comfort, and a tension control brake that makes it easy to apply tape onto the box without any issues.
  • QUICK LOADING DESIGN: This handy tape gun is built with a quick side loading mechanism to easily take the old tape roll off and tuck the new roll on.
  • SHARP AND DURABLE BLADE: This portable tape dispenser has a sharp corrugated blade designed especially for use on hard-to-cut tapes. The blade is durable and ensures that your hands and fingers are safe from any injuries.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: This packaging tape roll dispenser gun is composed of an ergonomic pistol-shaped handle with a tough finger grip for your own convenience.
  • ADJUSTABLE TAPE BRAKE: This adhesive tape cutter dispenser gun has a hand brake that enables you to control the degree of tension for strong and safe reinforcing and bundling. Please Note: Roll Tape is NOT Included

AED 34.99


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