Key Features:

1. Versatile Application: Perfect for indoor and outdoor use on glass, metal, wood, ceramics, and more.

2. Strong Adhesion: Ensures a long-lasting, watertight seal, preventing moisture, dust, and air infiltration.

3. Weather Resistance: Withstands extreme temperatures, humidity, UV rays, and fluctuations.

4. Easy Application: Smooth consistency for effortless dispensing and application, even in intricate areas.

5. Multipurpose Use: Ideal for sealing windows, doors, skylights, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and automotive applications.

6. Longevity: Resistant to cracking, shrinking, and aging, ensuring extended durability.

Instructions for Use:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly before application.
  • Apply evenly and smooth with a tool moistened with soap solution for a polished finish.
  • Allow proper curing time as per instructions.

Whether for DIY projects or professional applications, Asmaco Silicon Cream is your trusted solution for superior sealing needs. Choose Asmaco for reliable and resilient seals that stand the test of time.

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Experience the exceptional sPremium Silicon Sealant for Versatile Sealing Applications, the ultimate solution for all your sealing needs. Crafted with precision and resilience, this high-quality silicon cream offers unparalleled durability and weather resistance. Its robust adhesion and seamless application ensure a dependable seal, safeguarding indoor and outdoor surfaces against moisture, dust, and temperature changes. Perfect for glass, metal, wood, ceramics, and more, Asmaco Silicon Cream stands as the go-to choice for long-lasting, flexible, and reliable sealing, delivering protection that endures diverse conditions with ease.




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