Honeywell Home VCZZ1000/U 2way cartridge for vc series valve

Enhance the performance of your VC-Series valve with the Honeywell VCZZ1000/U replacement cartridge, designed for seamless integration and improved functionality. This cartridge, suitable for 2-way VC Series Cartridge Valves, offers a quick and easy replacement of moving parts, ensuring the restoration of your valve to factory-new conditions.

The key feature of this replacement cartridge lies in its compatibility with 2-way VC valves, providing a tailored solution for your specific needs. The use of high-quality materials, including EPDM, ryton, noryl plastic, and a stainless steel stem, guarantees durability and longevity.

Technical Details: The VCZZ1000/U replacement cartridge boasts a dimension of 1-1/2 inches in diameter and 2-9/16 inches in height, ensuring a perfect fit for your valve. The cartridge is crafted with precision and is manufactured by Honeywell, a trusted name in the industry.

Applications: Ideal for 2-way VC Series Cartridge Valves, this replacement cartridge is a versatile solution suitable for various applications. It ensures the efficient control and flow characteristic of the valve body, making it a valuable component in HVAC systems, industrial processes, and more.

Uses: The primary use of the VCZZ1000/U replacement cartridge is to restore and upgrade 2-way VC valves. Its quick and easy replacement process allows for minimal downtime and ensures that your valve operates at peak performance.

Benefits: The benefits of using the VCZZ1000/U replacement cartridge are numerous. It facilitates a precise control of Cv and flow characteristic, contributing to optimal valve performance. The identical cartridge can be used in bodies of different sizes, providing flexibility in applications.

In summary, upgrade your 2-way VC valve effortlessly with the VCZZ1000/U replacement cartridge. Trust in Honeywell’s expertise to deliver a reliable solution that restores your valve to factory-new conditions, ensuring consistent and efficient performance.

AED 115.00

The Honeywell VCZZ1000/U replacement cartridge is a crucial component tailored explicitly for the VC series valve, ensuring precise control and reliability. Engineered to deliver optimal performance, this cartridge is designed for seamless integration, guaranteeing smooth operation and efficiency in various heating and cooling systems. With a focus on durability and functionality, the cartridge boasts exceptional compatibility and versatility, meeting the demands of diverse applications.

Crafted with top-quality materials, this Honeywell cartridge ensures longevity and sustained functionality, contributing to long-term cost-effectiveness and peace of mind. Its user-friendly design facilitates hassle-free installation and replacement, minimizing downtime and maximizing system uptime. The VCZZ1000/U cartridge embodies Honeywell’s commitment to innovation and quality, providing a dependable solution for your valve needs.

Featuring advanced technology and precision engineering, this 2-way cartridge optimizes flow control, enhancing the overall performance of your VC series valve. Its compatibility extends to various HVAC systems, enabling smooth and efficient operation across different settings. Trust in this Honeywell cartridge to deliver consistent, reliable results, meeting the demands of both residential and commercial heating and cooling applications.

In summary, the Honeywell Home VCZZ1000/U 2-way cartridge ensures precise, efficient control in VC series valves. Crafted for durability and ease of use, it offers compatibility across diverse HVAC systems, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability.




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